Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Zoo Trip

My friend,Paula,Randi Jo and Myself was able to take Jazlynn to the zoo on Saturday. I was worried she may be to young to enjoy it.. I had nothing to worry about. She had a blast.. She only fussed one time.. That was when Randi took her away from the fish tank. With Randi Jo being gone so much of the time it was really good to see her have the time to bond with her also.

Randi Jo and Jazlynn on the carousel. As you can see Jazlynn loved this..
Jazlynn didn't like the feel of the hedgehog.. But she also touched a snake and lizard those she liked.

I thought she would be afraid of this frog.. But she wasn't.. she is so laid back and calm..he didn't even phase her.

First thing she did when Randi Jo put her down was grab the goats ear.
Second thing... was try to climb on it's back just like she does to her puppy Hailey at home. No fear

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Thought I would post the pictures I had taken of her.. They are all so amazing. She is just such a beautiful girl. We are all just so thankful for being given the chance to raise her. Enjoy them..

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

WOW! What a month!

Well I know it has been a long time again.. SO much has happened in the last month. To start Joe's Aunt very unexpectly passed away. It really took a toll on his family. They had no more than recouped from that, and started to get back to some kind of normal when his 16 year old brother had a very serious car accident. To make a long story short.. He will be okay,but will probably need the rest of the summer to get back to himself again. He is a very very lucky boy to even be alive.

Now to Jazlynn. She is doing amazing. I still can not believe she has adjusted so well... I waited and waited for the withdrawls from her foster parents. It just has not come.. We still cam with them every Saturday evening and she loves seeing them, but she doesn't cry or fuss... Such a good girl.

The 4th of July was great. she wouldn't even blink during the fireworks. she loved every min of them. I remember when Justin and Randi Jo were little they screamed through them.
She isn't growing to much she has gained 6 ounces since she came home and is the same length. She is totally healthy though so she can stay little as long as she wants.
She has stolen the kids hearts. Whenever she hears Justins voice she is on a mission to find him.

So now I will get on with some pictures.

She is always happy just like this picture. unless she is tired.
This is her just simply "perfect" picture.
She has learned to pull herself up on things.. walk around things and even climb the stairs. and I will try my hardest to get a video of the dog helping her onto the couch.
Playing outside at Grandma and Grandpas on Mommy and Daddy's anniversary.
With Justin outside at her water table. Daddy did her hair this day. Isn't it cute?
First horseback ride at Grandma and Grandpas. She loves animals of any kind. The size of the horse didn't bother her at all.
She LOVES her water table..
This is her serious look.. She is just precious...
Well hopefully I haven't lost all my readers.. I will post the professional pictures we had taken of her soon. and Hopefully tonight or tomorrow I will be able to catch up on my blog reading.