Friday, April 25, 2008


I can not believe it.. We have birth certificate issued 4/22/2008 and passport issued 4/25/2008.. We are moving so fast.. way faster than expected.. in 9 days we are now ready for 2nd DNA... We should have approval by next week... OH YEAH

Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Pictures and Final Decree

Jose sent us some new pictures the other day.. She looks like she is getting so big.. This one is Justins favorite.. She is playing with Jose through her playpen.. too funny...

She loves this seat.. She can get it bouncing so fast that she walks it across the floor...She is always happy when she is in this seat... She is liking her walker pretty good as well...

We also found out that our final decree was signed April 17th.. So Jazlynn is officially a LONG. YES.. It feels so good to finally know that.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WE ARE OUT!!!!!!!!

I still can not believe it.. But we got the call today around 4:20. Jazlynn was approved by PGN today. I am guessing we will be traveling the last week of May. Joe's little sister is graduating from High School on the 31st of May so we are hoping to be able to be in the states for that.. It is our wish that Jazlynn will be here also. I still can not believe it is happening. JAZLYNN IS COMING HOME!! YES!!!

I thought I would post a small video to let you see how Jazlynn feels about all this..

Saturday, April 12, 2008

International Night!!!

Well last night was international night at the University of Findlay. It is like a huge fair with tables set up everywhere.. Every section represents a country that has students going to school there.. They will have toys,clothes,instruments.. anything that is unique from their country.. Then at five the food comes out.. You can go from table to table trying the different kinds of food. All the students are dressed in their native clothes.. Then at 7 you go in a room and each country puts on a skit or performs a dance or something that is from their country.. example... Saudi Arabia did a skit about the ritual of choosing a wife and getting married.. South Korea did Tae Kwon Doe ,and India did awesome dancing.. So as you can tell it is a big night.. Very educational and fun for the kids. alot of the children there seem so uncomfortable with it but since my children have grown up with being around other cultures they are always right at home.. Well Bandar loves every year to show off the kids.. so they dress with him and we go.. Well Randi Jo's Abaya doesn't fit anymore so she was allowed to go normal.. I bet Justin and Layton had their pictures taken 30 times..Everyone had to have a picture with them,, They loved every bit of it.
Here are some random pictures I took of the night. I know there were other countries there but I only have pictures of the arabs.. Sorry but I am a bit biased. :)

This is Layton and Bandar. Layton's scarf kept falling off so Bandar did a fancy fold with it. Layton "LOVED" it. There are a hundred ways to wear the thing and everytime you want a picture they are worse than girls. It takes them an hour to fix it... Too funny.
This is Randi Jo and Saud. Saud has a great sense of humor and Randi thinks he is the greatest.
This is Bandar in the formal robes. This is what he would wear to his wedding,or a formal event.They came and got Justin and Layton to walk in the Parade of Nations. Layton could not have been prouder. (BTW Layton is a boy I babysit for and have for years now. He really looks up to Bandar)
Here are my three boys, dressed and ready to start the night.

Bandar and Randi Jo watching the entertainment.

Justin walking around. One of the few times he didn't have people wanting his attention.. Isn't he handsome. He will be 16 in a week and was a little uncomfortable at first,but soon lost that after he saw how popular he was and how proud Bandar was.

I love this picture of Layton. It shows just how happy he was.. he had a great time. I was so amazed at how comfortable he was there. He tried lots of the food, and heard 100 times how cute he was. He will remember that for a long time. He loved finally being able to wear his outfit.
As for adoption news. Well there is none. Word from Jose is that Jazlynn is cutting a tooth. Her first. She is growing up without me. I so hope we hear something this week.. We will have been in PGN for 5 weeks Tuesday.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jazlynn is sitting up!

We received new pictures of Jazlynn this week.. And she is sitting up.. Not great yet but it is a start.. She looks so big in these pictures.

We are still waiting to hear from PGN.. With our attorney it is rare to go longer than 4 weeks without hearing something. So lets hope it is approval and not a kick-out. I hope to know something by Friday of this week.