Sunday, December 30, 2007

a few pictures until we get home

This is just a few pictures from yesterday. I am having alot of trouble with my card reader. So I have to take the ones it will let me have. This will be the last of the pictures until we get home.

She is so precious when she is sleeping.

She loves the Ohio State bear, She holds on to it all the time.

This is not the best picture but the only one it will give me. But this is her in her Guatemala hat.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Post for Grandma Amy and Papaw Kies!

Well we have had another Great day with Jaz. She is simply amazing! So content. We video taped her waking up this morning and she woke herself up laughing. She is way smaller than we has thought she would be. Well anyways. Here are some more pics we took today. We also took paint foot prints and hand Prints today. They came out pretty good.
I know this picture has my foot in it. But I don't have the software here to cut it out. But isn't it an awesome picture.

Be sure to leave comments and tell Mommie which one you like best. 1 or 2. Don't mind the foot it can be cut out. But we can't decide between the two.

Here is the pictures we took for Grandma and Papaw. Can you say "GO OSU"!

Now getting her hands down is quite the challenge. She loves to stare at them.

Aren't I precious? She is so easy to photograph. She also is in love with her Ohio State shoes. she can stare at them forever. Must be the colors.

And this picture is just beyond precious. But this is really a normal look for her. She loves to laugh.

What did you say? LSU is gonna beat OSU. How funny is that?
EDITED TO ADD" for parents: click on the pictures and they will get full size so you can see them better. also you can leave comments for me by clicking on comments at the bottom of the post. Be sure to sign your name so I know it is you. Love and Miss you all

We are here!!!

We are here. and to say Jazlynn is perfect is an absolute understatement. She smiles constantly.
When she woke up this morning she was almost laughing. She stayed on her schedule that Adriana said she had to a T. She slept up until 4:30 and then took a bottle and slept again until 8.
She definitely has taken to her Daddy. She laughs everytime she sees him. He of course thinks this means she will be a Daddy's Girl, I, on the other hand, know it is because he is so funny looking...Ha,ha.. We will post more pics tonight. right now we are off to bathe her and then to breakfast. I can be reached by email at That because I forgot to tell everyone I can't get to my regular email from here.

Jazlynn when we first got back to room... She was soooo tired. she fell asleep within 10 mins.
Jazlynn and Daddy watching television last evening in the room.. She loves to sit up and watch everything.

After her bath. in her ducky towel from Randi Jo..She is always so cold. Her feet and legs always feel cold to me.

This is our "wonderful" foster family. They all came to drop-off except for Erick. They are all so nice. And it is more than obvious that Jazlynn is well taken care off. She is so so happy and content.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

On My Way!!

We spent the weekend in Indiana at my brothers house. Came home yesterday to an email box full of pictures.. What a great welcome home present. She just keeps getting prettier and prettier. I have "WONDERFUL" foster parents to keep me so informed of her progress. I will be there on the 27th to see her for the first time. I can not wait.. So until I can get you pics I have taken myself, here is some to hold you over.

This is my absolute favorite so far. She looks like a doll sitting there.

Daddy's little reindeer! Daddy likes this one.

Her eyes still amaze me.. I have a terrible feeling I am in trouble with her.. I am "NEVER" going to be able to tell her no. She has me wrapped up all ready.
I will be in Guatemala until the 1st. I will try to post pics from there,if I can get my laptop working. If not I will post as soon as I get back in the states. Hope everyone had a great Christmas. See you from Guatemala soon.....

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Entered Family Court

We received word today that we have finally entered Family Court.. This means we are now in a postion to see some forward movement. I doubt we will see DNA test or Birth mother interview before the first of the year,but we are on our way now.

Visit to Aunt!

Well I finally got around to taking the kids over to see my Grandma. She is doing quite well considering she is 101. As always she was so happy to see children. They can always put her in a good mood.
The one thing my brother and I always remember about visiting her house was our Aunt Eileen. She always took us for a day or two also and always had to give us things. Well the other day while there(Grandma lives with her now) she gave me some things for Jazlynn. Boy did they bring back memories. These are some of the things she always gave to us.

In fact, I had the Raggedy Ann one at one time..So I am going to hang these in her room.. Aren't they cute?

Well in adoption new!! There is none. In two days we will be at 3 months and have had absolutely NO MOVEMENT. none,nothing.. Yes we have all our authorizations, but are still no closer to getting her home. It is getting very frustrating. I really did not want to visit without DNA results. So we are left with the choice of go or not? I can not cancel now. With Joe's work this is our only chance to go together. So we will go and just hope it all works out. Soooo in 9 days I will be holding my beautiful baby girl. I can't wait.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

POA is Registered...

Ellie emailed me today that our POA has been registered. YES!! That means that the two things they figure must be done to be grandfathered in were done. We should have no problems after the first of the year. Lets hope that is the case. Now if we can just start moving along in the process.. So come on Family Court,GET US IN!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Santa Came Early This Year!

I know it has been a long time since I posted last. I have been soooo busy. I had decided to put some of my doll clothes I make on ebay to maybe earn some extra money for Jazlynn. Well I can not keep up. Which is a good thing,but I have time for nothing. On Sunday we had another fund raiser party. (Thanks Stephanie). It went very well..
Last evening I called down to talk with the foster family. I was surprised with about 20 pictures in my email later. So enjoy these.. She is so precious. I can not wait til the 27th to see her. She looks so happy in these.. ENJOY!

This is the Christmas outfit we sent down to her. Randi Jo picked it out.

I love the look on her face here. I can not wait to get ahold of that hair.

She looks so happy in this picture.I think it was taken the same day as our monthly pictures. She is wearing the same outfit.

This is my absolute favorite. Of any I have gotten so far. She is priceless. This one makes me cry. I so badly want to see her. two and a half weeks and I am there.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


These are our November picture updates.. The pictures were all ,except one, very very blurry. It is still very obvious that she is absolutely gorgeous! I can not wait to hold her and I will do that before the next pictures are due. Today is also her three month birthday.. Happy Birthday Jazlynn. We Love You!

Here she is saying "Get me out of this thing!" precious.

Here she is just simply beautiful. Our sleeping angel!