Saturday, May 31, 2008

We have arrived!!!

We arrived here yesterday morning without any issues. The kids loved the flight and have been more than fascinated with everything since we arrived... Jose and Adriana brought Jazlynn about 8 last night. She is beautiful as always. So much smaller in person than on the camera. She is still the happy baby we have seen everytime. She is in love with her brother and sister. Joe spent half the morning teaching her to say Da Da and guess what? Just out of the blue she said it and hasn't stopped yet.. She is crawling also slowly but she gets there.

Here are a few pictures to get you started. Beautiful as always.
I am in love with these eyes. Isn't she amazing?
Randi Jo and Jazlynn playing in the baby lounge today.

Jazlynn with Jose today in the baby lounge. They stopped over for a couple hours tonight. We are going to Antigua in the morning so maybe tomorrow night I will have more pics.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Jose sent us pictures over the weekend.. They went to a birthday party and these are the pics of Jazlynn from there.. I assume these will be the last pictures we receive from him. It is all bittersweet. But seriously people.. isn't she always happy.. always smiling.. and she gets just cuter and cuter with every picture..

This is the stick for the pinata..She is sure checking it out isn't she..
I think this is the biggest pinata I have ever seen. I am not sure Jazlynn really knows what to think about it. That is Adriana holding her.
"Look Mom I am sitting all by myself." she is getting so big.. This picture is just the cutest
and look here.. two teeth... yeah!!! finally.. at 8 months she has her first two... I bet the others come fast.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

We are PINK!!!!!!

YES!! I never thought I would get to post this.. But... We are pink.... we received our letter today. Our appt was scheduled for 5/28/2008. which of course we can not make.. So we have rescheduled it for the following week... We will fly out of Detroit on the 30th and back on the 6th.. We are spending a few extra days there for many reason.. 1st and formost is so that Jazlynn and Adriana can ween off each other... I can not even imagine what this will be like for Adriana.. She has had children for 10 years.. Jazlynn will be her last... It is our hope that we can spend lots of time with her during the week.. On Sunday we will all be going to Antigua and then one day we will have a pool party at the hotel.order some pizza.. just relax with them... Something tells me that the worst of this all is about to come.. this is not going to be an easy good-bye for any of us... Just wish us luck...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Well I know it has been awhile since I posted.. I have been very busy. I am working on a project for Adriana. It has taken every second of my spare time for the last few weeks... I'll post pictures of it when I get to Guatemala..(Jose reads the blog)
We did find out this week that we received DNA authorization on Monday.. Jazlynn's DNA is to be taken on 5/08/2008. So from everyone elses timeline it looks like our appt will be the last week of the month.. And would you believe that is the only week we have issues with. Randi Jo wants to try-out for her schools elite sing and dance team. Try-outs are that week.. Also Joe's little sister is graduating from high school that week and is first in her class.. So I guess we'll wait it out to see if wew will change the appt or be able to make it work.

In other news... Katie came home from Spain on saturday.. Justin and Randi Jo have been beside themselves.. They missed her terribly.. I will post some pictures soon.. It looks like she may be going to Michigan to work an internship for the summer. The bad side to that is she won't be here when Jazlynn comes home.. But we could go there for a visit I would think...

These are the new pictures we received from the agency. I would guess these will be the last ones we will get.

She looks like she is getting so big. I can not wait to get my hands on her in a couple weeks.
I think she looks so tired.. Jazlynn is always smiling..
Awww.... she is so tired.. How precious is she...
I love the barrette in her hair.. Adriana always has her done up so cute...