Sunday, August 10, 2008

Just pics and updates

Not to much going on around here. We have finally gotten things in order to have Jazlynn Baptized. We were able to combine that with her birthday so people from out of town only have to come once.. We are very happy about that. Just gonna post some pictures.. Hope you enjoy them.

It has gotten hot here in the upstairs so we had to bring Randi Jo's Guinea pig downstairs. Jazlynn has discovered her and loves to stand and talk to her. so cute.
Finally she will take a bath without screaming. She loves it now.
This is one of Daddy's favorite pictures.. With her little pigtails.
Just being gorgeous.. Can you tell how easily it comes to her.
I took this picture the day she turned 11 months. She is getting so big.
This is Diego. He is the new puppy we bought in March. Little did we know how big he was going to get. He is only 7 months old here in this picture. he is gonna be a monster. The kids named him for the cartoon.. I think it is fitting though since he will be Jazlynn's dog.

I almost always rock Jazlynn to sleep at night.. But sometimes during nap or while I am off she will fall asleep on the floor.. I love taking pics of her sleeping.. Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby.
Rough Day!
She is the best.


Bobbi said...

Love all the pics. There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby. She is a beauty.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics of her sleeping. I agree...they are the sweetest!

Julie said...

I just love those big brown eyes. She's getting cuter with every posting. Lucky, lucky family!

Donna said...

Yay - love the pictures. I'm a big fan of Daddy's favorite picture with the pigtails, too!

We also briefly went through an "I hate water/baths" phase, too when they were little. Wierd, huh?

The last picture of "sprawled" baby is adorable!

Thanks for sharing all the pics. How exciting to be planning a baptism and a birthday party!!! Yay for both!

Beth said...

Great pics... life just looks wonderful for you all together!

Lucy used to do that "sleep at the drop of a hat" in the weirdest places when we were first home... cracks me up! This she's comfortable at home!?!?