Friday, June 20, 2008


Okay.. I know it has been FOREVER since I updated the blog.. I have been informed that I must continue to keep it up.. So I will try to bring you all back up to date.

We left Guatemala on the 6th of June. Saying good-bye was horrible, as we all knew it would be. We are going to try to go back around Christmas time. At least Randi Jo and I are going to.

Since we have been home Jazlynn has adjusted amazingly. We still can not believe how well things have gone. She is still on the same sleep schedule,she is eating well and I do think she is getting tired of all the different people holding her and making over her. She has gotten to the point where she looks for me and whimpers whenever they are holding her. Considering the amount of people who have been here that is only to be expected..

I will try to do better at updating.. but for now here are some pictures . They are in no particular order as I can not figure this upload thing out.

This is Jaz at home. her favorite thing to do is dump the toys and sit in the middle of them all. This was Daddy's first day doing her hair. Isn't it cute?
She is just being cute here.. It really isn't a hard thing for her.

At the hotel in Guatemala.
Jaz loves these puffs. It didn't take her long to figure out how to open them.

Jaz sitting with Bandar. She loves him. It was fairly easy for her to wrap him around her finger.

This is my favorite dress of hers.. Aunt Beckah bought it for her. She was getting ready for the Dr. The Dr said she is doing great. She is right exactly where she needs to be. There are still some concerns about her eye. We have known this since she was 2 months old. so it was no big shock.. The Dr is also concerned about her head size. It is way to small. She is sure it is because of the shapeing of it. But we will wait until she is a year old for both issues to see if they correct themselves if they haven't by then she will have to see a specialist. These are both minor things we are not to worried about yet.

Here is Jazlynn at the airport with her cousins,Sammy and Preston. I wish we had gotten a picture of her outfit. Randi Jo bought it for her. It said "Are these people really my relatives?" Too cute..


Pam L said...

OK, I had just about given up on you! Love the pictures and am so glad to hear things are going so well! I am sure you are overjoyed to be home! Keep posting because I'll keep checking. You know, we're all adicted to this blog stuff.
Hopefully I'll have some good news to post after we get down there next week.

Steph said...

It's about time! ;)

I LOVE seeing her at home!!!! It is so wonderful to hear that she is doing so well. We need to get together for a big celebration!!

Melissa McGuire said...

I have been checking and checking, I figured you were busy! glad you are all home safe and sound!Congrats :)

Bobbi said...

YEAH!! Glad all is going well. She is just so cute.

I am happy you will continue the blog.

Hopefully it will just be the norm having her around soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Glad Jazlynn is settling in so well! Welcome home baby girl!

Julie said...

Great photos. So glad you're home safe and sound. Enjoy every minute!

Becca said...

Thank goodness for the pictures and updates!! Some of us are dealing with an addiction - Blogger Addiction.

Peace and Hugs,